HIA receives $3.75 million EDA grant for Cargo Expansion Project

Multi-year $64 million project to begin in 2022

(Middletown, PA – October 12, 2021) – Today, United States Congressman Scott Perry announced a $3.75 million Economic Development Grant for the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA), owner and operator of Harrisburg International Airport (HIA), to support landside development of a multi-year cargo apron expansion project.

Congressman Scott Perry announcing Economic Development Grant

“We are excited to announce the beginning of one of the largest multi-phase improvement projects in the history of the airport,” said Timothy Edwards, executive director. “The project will include the demolition of two World War Two era buildings (Buildings 26 and 96), the expansion of vehicle parking capacity, the realignment of Third Street and Airport Drive to provide easier and safer access to air cargo facilities, the expansion of the air cargo apron so more aircraft can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously while preparing an area adjacent to the apron for the private construction of another air cargo terminal facility at HIA.”

The expansion project has two major components—the Airside portion and the Landside portion.  The Airside portion is located beyond the airfield security fence where air cargo is loaded and unloaded onto cargo airplanes and flown to destinations around the world.  The airport works in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fund airside improvements. The landside portion is the public area located before the airfield security fence where tractor trailers, vans, and private vehicles pick up and drop off air cargo arriving and departing central Pennsylvania.  The landside portion of the project is not eligible for FAA funding.

Edwards thanked Congressman Scott Perry for his support of a $3.75 million grant from the Economic Development Administration to be used for the realignment of Third Street to provide improved access to and from the expanded cargo site. “Without his support we would not have been able to move forward with this portion of the project. The timing of the grant is perfect as once the demolition of buildings 26 and 96 is complete, we can seamlessly begin work on the roadway realignment project to provide more efficient and safe access to the air cargo apron expansion area.”    

Edwards said 2021 will be the busiest year ever for air cargo flown into and out of the region via FedEx, UPS, DHL, and their affiliated partners.  The expansion of the air cargo complex is a critical investment in the long-term viability and economic success of the airport and the region.  “Since last summer, air cargo activity has increased to record levels and our current air cargo providers are out of usable space.”   

HIA’s cargo expansion project is estimated to cost $64 million and will be completed in phases over the next five years.  The project will:

  • Increase cargo apron capacity by 30%
  • Generate over 500 temporary construction jobs
  • Create over 350 new permanent jobs
  • Generate over $49 million in new landing fees
  • Support more than $4.5 million in new property taxes over a 20-year period.
Congressman Scott Perry, Airport Leadership & Board Members, and Delta Development Team

About Harrisburg International Airport:

Five airlines serve Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) offering nearly 40 peak day flights to and from 16 nonstop destinations.  The Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA) owns HIA, Capital City Executive Airport in New Cumberland and both Franklin County and Gettysburg Regional Airports.  Incorporated in 1997, SARAA is a multi-municipal authority whose mission is to serve the region by providing high quality, efficient airports and promoting regional economic development.  Combined these four facilities handle about 80,000 aircraft operations and generate a total economic output of more than $990 million annually.

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