TSA Media Event Scheduled For Wednesday, May 8th at 11am

TSA to share summer travel tips at Harrisburg International Airport
and explain why TSA asks passengers to remove shoes, laptops and liquids
(You can expect to see replica bombs concealed in carry-on bags)

Summer travel season across the county is expected to be one the busiest on record for the airline industry. So how to get through it all and maintain your sanity?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials will share travel tips at Harrisburg International Airport and explain the reasons that TSA has some of the protocols that it does. Do you know why travelers are asked to remove their shoes? Do you know why individuals need to remove laptops from their carrying cases when coming through the checkpoint? Do you know why TSA limits the size of liquids and gels in carry-on bags? Come find out why TSA has these various procedures in place. You just might see a hidden bomb (well, a replica bomb) hidden in a shoe, electronics and other common items. Can you find the explosives? Yes, a strong visual reminder about why TSA is here. Why we do what we do. And the travel tips are cool, too.

WHO:             TSA officials

WHEN:          11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 8th

WHERE:       Near the TSA checkpoint at Harrisburg International Airport

NOTE:           Interested media should please RSVP to Lisa.Farbstein@tsa.dhs.gov

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